Supply and demand

Do you see your workforce becoming increasingly gray haired? Do you see more and more experienced employees retiring and is your organisation losing valuable knowledge and experience? Do you also notice that the growth of your organization is stagnating because less and less technical professionals are available? Quality LinQ is happy to provide you with our expertise in overcoming these issues.


Quality LinQ provides traineeships in various positions, where beginning specialists can follow external training courses. A traineeship is a work and training program for starters, or for experienced professionals who want to take a new step in their careers, or for employees within your own organization, who want to develop themselves. By linking the trainee to your experienced employee, you ensure that their knowledge and experience are not lost. During a traineeship, the candidates gain work experience at your company and are trained to become a specialist. For example, a traineeship where the professional is trained to become a ‘Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician ‘ or IKT inspector.


Another option is to follow specialist courses. For example, to obtain certificates and diplomas that are necessary for the employee to be able to carry out the work safely and correctly. For example a VCA certificate, NEN3140 or offshore papers.

When determining the right course or certification, the background, wishes and ambitions of the professional will be examined in consultation with you, in order to determine what will be of added value for your organization.


Would you like to know more about Traineeships or Courses, how this works and/or getting insight in the costs? Please contact us via our contact form or via 0180-487755.

Hugo gladly assists you to find your dream job

“My target is to make the best possible match, to get the best result for everyone involved.”

Hugo Huissen, Account Manager and Recruiter at Quality LinQ

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