Have you completed a technical capacity at MBO, HBO or university level which you can use within Civil Engineering or Construction? Would you like to be part of making creations such as a bridge or building which people use every day?  Quality LinQ offers several vacancies for start-ups to experienced (technical) professionals.

From draftsmen to senior project managers

From locks to highways, the Civil Engineering includes everything that is in public space. Our professionals design, calculate and execute various small and large-scale projects both on land and in water. Whether you are having a nice cup of coffee at home or are meeting on the 30th floor of a large office building, our Architectural professionals have had influence in designing and building your environment.

Quality LinQ seconds in these branches from draftsman to senior project managers. To give an impression of the diversity of these disciplines, a number of options for professionals are given below:

  • Housing construction: large-scale housing projects, capital villas and apartment complexes;
  • Non-residential building: sports complexes, luxury office buildings and large production plants;
  • Hydraulic engineering: ports, dikes, locks and waterways;
  • Civil Concrete Construction: bridges and tunnels;
  • Road construction: highways, cycle paths, asphalt and pavers;
  • Underground infrastructure: sewerage, water pipes and electricity.
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