National and international secondment

Are you looking for extra reinforcement for a longer period of time, but do you want to remain flexible? Less financial risk and less time spent on personnel administration? Secondment via Quality LinQ is the flexible staffing solution for you. We can support for both temporary and structural positions or positions on a project basis.

How does secondment work?

We recruit and select the right candidate for you. They will work for you, but the candidate will get a contract with Quality LinQ for a pre-agreed period. The employee has the security of a contract, good terms of employment and you have access to a qualified, motivated and suitable professional.

Quality LinQ arranges the entire remuneration process, the employment conditions and the personnel administration of the employees. We also ensure proper guidance for all assigned personnel, so they are optimally prepared for work.

You take care of the work, guidance and the supervision on the work floor. As a result, you are not permanently attached to staff, you have less financial risk (illness or incapacity for work) and you know what the costs will be in advance.
If necessary, we offer our secondment employees a training program and/or training contract.

Free acquisition of the professional after the completion of a successful assignment, a project or after the agreed contract period, is certainly negotiable.

Quality is of the utmost importance to Quality LinQ. We work according to the VCU and NEN 4400-1 guidelines. We are therefore fully aware of the current safety regulations and laws applicable to the current labour market. These certificates offer you a guarantee of our reliability, so together we can offer our assigned personnel a safe and healthy working environment.

Quality LinQ is characterized by personal, reliable, professional involvement and open communication. Working with Quality LinQ means working with a professional and informal agency where quality, integrity and care are the utmost importance of Quality LinQ.


Are you looking for (technical) professionals skilled in engineering, QA/QC and inspection for a permanent position or temporary projects? Want to know more about the opportunities and benefits of technical secondment?

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