Quality and safety monitoring

Quality is of the utmost importance to Quality LinQ. We work according to the VCU and NEN 4400-1 guidelines and are therefore fully compliant with the current safety regulations and laws that apply to the labour market. These certificates offer you a guarantee of our reliability so we can jointly offer our assigned personnel a safe and healthy working environment.

In addition, our our staff records are in order, we pay our VAT and payroll taxes on time and our employees are permitted to work in the Netherlands.

VCU certified: Working safe and healthy

What does this mean for you?

VCU is the Health and Safety Checklist fortemporary employment agencies and secondment agencies and deals with safety, health and environment. Companies with a VCU certificate, like Quality LinQ, have a compliant HSE-management system. We inform our employees about safety and healthy issues. We guide them in their work and make sure they have all the necessary safety equipment. They possess the necessary certificates, such as B-VCA and if necessary VOL-VCA or equivalent.

Quality LinQ’s VCU certificate means we take care of the health and safety of our employees. Therefore we can second professionals at VCA certified companies. These companies are allowed to carry out work with increased risk in a high risk environment. Often it involves construction or maintenance activities carried out on construction sites, in factories and workshops and installations.

Our VCU applies, among others, to the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas 
  • Maritime and Offshore
  • Mechanics
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Industry

Click here to view our VCU certificate.

SNA Quality Label: NEN 4400-1

What does this mean for you?

Quality LinQ has the quality label of the Labour Standards Foundation (SNA), the label of all employment agencies and (sub)contractors. The quality label is based on NEN 4400, which is the main Standard of the Labour Standards Foundation.

The SNA label certifies that the holder’s (staff) records are in order, that they pay VAT and payroll taxes on time and their employees are permitted to work in the Netherlands. Comliance with the above mentioned criteria is verified by VRO every two years. For you as an employee or client, our NEN 4400-1 certification means that you have a reliable employer or partner.

SNA-certified companies have to comply with certain conditions, namely:

  • The identification of the company
  • The declaration and payment of payroll taxes and VAT
  • Payment of wages does not violate the minimum wage and minimum holiday allowance legislation
  • Carrying out identity checks and controls on the right to work in the Netherlands
  • Preventing the risks of liability and fines arising from outsourcing work

Click here to view our NEN 4400-1 certificate.

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