Applying to Quality LinQ

Step 1: We review your profile

When you apply at Quality LinQ, you will always get a response from us. If you apply through the website, you receive a confirmation e-mail that your application has been received in good order. Our specialists evaluate your resume and within about two or three days let you know whether you will be invited for a personal interview at our office or via Skype for those who are located abroad.

Step 2: Interview at Quality LinQ

The interview at Quality LinQ takes about an hour and takes place at our office or via Skype. In this interview you get to know our organization, your regular contact person and we take a look at your career. We discuss your education, background and identify your needs and ambitions in the field of job content, salary and training.

On this basis, we determine which function or what type of employer suits you best. In addition to criteria such as education and work experience we also evaluate your main drivers, motivation and personality traits necessary for the company  and position.

Step 3: We go for the perfect match

If we find there is a sufficient match between your resume and our jobs, we will send your resume with an accompanying letter to one or more of our clients. When a client is interested,  we will set up an preliminary interview between you and the client, possibly with a follow-up interview. If possible and desired, we try to arrange interviews at multiple clients.

Step 4: Your new job!

When there is a match from both sides, we will make a proposal in which all working conditions are clearly described. When all parties agree, we will start the collaboration and we will provide professional guidance, so you are optimally prepared for your new job at your new client. You can either be employed directly by our client (Search & Selection) or via an employment contract with Quality LinQ (Secondment).

Do you have questions about our application process? Fill out our contact form or call us at telephone number +31 (0)180-487755.

Annemarijn gladly assists you to find your dream job

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Annemarijn Peterman, Office Coordinator at Quality LinQ

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