NDT and inspection

Have you completed a technical capacity at MBO, HBO or university level which you can use within the QA / QC, NDT and inspection? Are you someone with a great sense of responsibility and do you want clients to see your perfectionism as an asset? Then we definitely recommend you this market. This area of expertise is the specialty of QQ.  Do you have experience in this world? Then we can discuss our cooperation opportunities.

QA/QC personnel ensures that the quality is not at the expense of quantity

Quality LinQ is one of the industry leaders, in particular by mediating in QA / QC, inspection and materials research specialists. QA / QC personnel ensures that the quality is not at the expense of quantity. The quality controllers deal with the applying quality standards and monitor incoming and outgoing products within the production process. Our QA / QC specialists can be deployed in all the above areas of expertise.

In the inspection branch we focus on inspectors who ensure the quality and safety of the equipment. Also non-destructive testing (NDT) is an important and widely used inspection technique. NDT is used to prevent damage to the object and still give a good impression of the quality of the material. This contrasts with destructive testing (DO), which for example measures the pressure an object can take by breaking it

An important reason for using non-destructive testing is to minimize the number of insurance companies receive. Even more important, it ensures the safety of human life as good as possible.