Have you completed a technical capacity at MBO, HBO or university level which you can use within the engineering? Do you have experience in both electrical and mechanics, for example did you work as a service engineer or project manager? Quality LinQ offers several vacancies for start-ups to experienced (technical) professionals.

Quality LinQ seconds professionals, ranging from service engineer to senior project managers

Mechanics is a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering, often with hydrolic or pneumatic components. To work within the engineering sector, specialists with knowledge of both the mechanical and electrical components are needed.

In this industry Quality LinQ deploys professionals who have experience with a variety of positions, ranging from service engineers to senior project managers. The possibilities for our technical professionals within the mechanics include:

  • Driving techniques such as gasoline, diesel and electric motors, steam engines, gas and steam turbines;
  • Structures: bridges, cranes and steel fabricators;
  • Machine: robotics, production machines and Packers;
  • Flow control: hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps and switches.